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Spilling thoughts

7/6/14 by WahyahRanger

So I originally was going to draw something on my computer for Robot Day, but my drawing skills aren't still really up to par. I do realize that this is mostly just for fun, but I still want to make something people will enjoy. So today I had the cool (I think) idea of just finding scrape on the floor of the warehouse at work and instead making a tiny sculpture, and then taking a picture. He's going to be humanoid, but I didn't really find enough / the right parts to give him believe-able joints for knees and elbows (although he is going to be static and glued together. So we'll see how this works out, I still have 12 days after all.


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use old electronics or whatever

7/7/14 WahyahRanger responds:

Yeah I think I'm going to glue a tiny microchip on it to give it the robot effect. The body's going to be a dead 9V battery I found lying around, and then I have a bunch of random parts from furniture hardware, and screws and bolts and all that jazz.